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Release date: 18/12/2023
  • 01:07:00

Join us for the second episode of the Marbella Property Podcast, where we will take you on an insightful journey into the world of real estate alongside our very own co-host and professional realtor, Camilla Liftinger.

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About the podcast

In this episode, we’ll explore the evergreen appeal of Marbella for real estate investors and delve into the key aspects of the realtor profession on the Costa del Sol. Camilla, with her extensive experience in the field, will offer valuable insights into:

Why Marbella is a Prime Location: We discuss why investors are continuously drawn to this vibrant coastal city.

Getting Started in Real Estate Investment: Tips for those looking to make their first property purchase in Marbella.

Finding the Right Realtor: Learn where to look and what questions to ask when choosing a realtor.

Navigating the Realtor Landscape: Is there a need for a license in Costa del Sol? We uncover the regulatory side of being a realtor.

The Benefits of Working with a Realtor: Understand the advantages and services offered, and whether they incur any cost to the buyer.

The Realtor’s Process: From the initial contact to viewing properties and beyond, Camilla walks us through the typical journey with a realtor.

Investor-Specific Advice: Special considerations for buyers looking at investment properties, including tourism licenses and area potential.

Legalities and Aftercare: The role of lawyers in property transactions and what kind of support you can expect from a realtor post-purchase.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge and insights to navigate Marbella’s real estate market confidently, whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer.

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Hosted by Gretel Kutan & Camilla Liftinger

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